WWD: OTEYZA Paris Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2022


In recent seasons, Paul García de Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda have had a new focus for Oteyza,

the Spanish sartorial men’s wear brand.

“We’re working on connecting with streetwear,” explained Pañeda, adding that meanwhile,

Oteyza continues drawing on long-standing inspirations, such as the Atlantic Ocean, fishermen’s aesthetic

and art, like Nicolas de Staël’s sea works.

“It’s a progression for our house, with a very solid base in suits, high craftsmanship, quality and luxury,”

continued Oteyza.




The fall collection is comprised of sophisticated yet functional garments, sometimes in saturated colors

 orange and teal — reminiscent of de Staël.

A swashbuckling navy-blue Marino wool cape trimmed with white comes hooded.

A deconstructed white suiting lapel is worn as a scarf. The burnt orange jacket comes decorated with rectangular

white embellishments and sash, paired with a matching fisherman-style hat.

Oteyza’s fashion film features models sporting the fall looks against an entirely white background, which helps

make the collection pop and gives it a dreamy aspect.



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