Colección PFW - SS22

El Caminante

Walking at the speed and tempo of creation is the way OTEYZA has always chosen to show and express his pieces. It is necessary to walk within creation, to transit, to walk through it.
"Running is oblivion, walking is memory".
This season we will find pure lines in unstructured shapes, with side slits and raised collars; games of long volumes in trench coats and trousers; asymmetrical pockets and capelins; bermudas, shirts and sneakers with very refined lines, and sweatshirts of great expression thanks to their brightness.
Linens, extra-fine merino wools and blends of linens, wools and silks, or Egyptian cottons, mark the falls and volumes of the pieces, this time adorned with handmade straw accessories.
Predominance of whites, beiges and salmons that bring fluidity and freshness to the summer season. We will also find greens, ultramarine blues, greys and the blacks so characteristic of the firm, as well as its mustard yellow and orange, always eternal and timeless.