High craftsmanship


Tailoring requires a high level of technical demand for its patterns and tailoring, which is where we find the differential value of the piece. Therefore, it is essential to be surrounded by the best technical professionals, with more than 15 years of experience in the workshop and who have also gone through all the learning stages, of which there are many. This is the only way to achieve excellence.


“OTEYZA has the responsibility to create a favourable universe, with its consequent line of patterns and suitable to the different artisan processes, so that the equation of quality, vanguard and sustainability prevails once again”.

Traditional Tailoring

Geometry, simplicity and movement are the pillars on which the vision of Sastrería OTEYZA located in Madrid is based.


Traditional tailoring is an art in which the entire process of making a garment is carried out by hand. From the tracing of the pattern for the subsequent cutting of the fabric, in which the harmonious line of the tailoring is traced, to the thousands of stitches that assemble the fabrics, interlinings and plastrons, it is all done by hand.
This process takes a minimum of two months, from the beginning of taking the customer’s measurements, and consists of an average of four fittings.


Semi-traditional tailoring

Semi-traditional or Made to Measure combines artisan and mechanised techniques. Measurements are taken directly from the customer and then a pattern is created using the deviations of the customer’s measurements with respect to the basic tailor’s pattern. This is one of the most important phases as it precedes the cutting and making of the cloth. Subsequently, the customer’s personalised pattern is taken and the cutting and sewing process begins. The pattern we use is a tailor’s basic pattern (very elaborate and stylised) from traditional tailoring, from which we make the variations that the client wishes.

We carry out the necessary tests (there is no limit to the number of tests) with the customer, and the minimum delivery time is one month.

Pattern-making laboratory

At OTEYZA, we give the utmost importance to the study, development and improvement of patterns and for this we have the best professionals in this field, offering designs of great diversity and authenticity. We make a pattern for each customer and we offer the possibility of taking the pattern of a garment provided, at no additional cost.



We work with the best weaving houses in the world and we have more than 15,000 references. Thus, we have the best Spanish merino wool, with stamens from Yorkshire mills, flannels from the East of England, tweeds from the coastal areas of England and the Hebrides, donnegals from Ireland or the best cold wools or Italian silks. We also have the best vicuna in the world, as well as excellent quality cashmere.


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