The Goya Awards dress OTEYZA

Los Premios Goya se visten de OTEYZA

The Goya Awards dress as OTEYZA

“Violet Cape, Eyeliner, and Glasses: Six Daring Ways to Wear a Tuxedo”.

“The red carpet at the Goya Awards is natural territory for the classic suit, but these celebrities add a dose of risk and creativity.”

“Antonio Najarro, choreographer and director of the National Ballet, dancing with an OTEYZA cape on the Goya red carpet”.

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Los Premios Goya se visten de OTEYZA


Black cape, iconic OTEYZA piece: Worked with the best Spanish merino wool, its design unites tradition and avant-garde, giving all the importance to the poise and movement of the garment, giving it character and modernity.

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