RTVE: This is ‘Marinas’, the collection with which OTEYZA consolidates its reputation in Paris.

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In Paris they boast that only they can talk about Haute Couture, a term that is similar to the designation of

origin of a wine.

In Spain we can rival our Gallic neighbours in wine, no one disputes that, but also in fashion. And the French

have the exclusivity of Haute Couture, here we can boast Haute Craftsmanship.

Tradition, craft, culture and history are words that are often associated with signature fashion, with those

garments that come out of the best workshops, made by expert hands.

But not everything goes, and today there are many firms that are trying to jump on this bandwagon, or that of

sustainable fashion, or that of slow fashion.

Something that does not add up, on the contrary, it detracts from the credibility of the sector and harms it.

This is not the case of Oteyza, the firm headed by Paul and Caterina, one of the best valued and most successful.

They have been presenting their collections in Paris for several seasons now, opting for internationalisation, and

leaving aside localisms and the lack of a catwalk that focuses solely on excellence and creativity.


Opting for street-à-couture
Marinas’ is the name of the new collection that the Spaniards are now launching.

It is one more step in the aesthetic change that the firm has made, opening the doors of its wardrobe to a more

casual and sporty style, in line with what the big fashion houses are doing: times have changed and now even the

dandy rides a skateboard.

“The collection is a new progression in the street-à-couture approach, where the lines break even further from

their formal axes and turn to a space and landscape full of energy, functionality and sophistication,” they say.

Their garments connect with absolutely current trends and at the same time have that air of timelessness that

makes them special.

Each piece has its form and substance, its container and its content: they are carefully studied garments,

reinvented in some cases, but always designed for the modern man’s wardrobe.


The sea lends its tones, from the powerful blues and greys of when it is rough to the green and white of calm


“Colour seduces line and together they create the universe of form,” they say.

The palette of the ocean is splashed with oranges and mustard, “always eternal and timeless”, he adds.

The richness of the fabrics lies in their nobility: next to the Salamanca cloths of Spanish merino wool treated

with natural dyes and double abatanados we see mohair, Egyptian cotton, wools, silks and even neoprene,

always “looking for beauty in the maximum fall of the different volumes.

They are light wraparound fabrics with great torsion, accompanying marked lines and unstructured shapes”.

The Oteyza man is dressed with crossover coats with raised collars and ‘sartorial’ scarves emulating lapels, very

elegant, but also with organic cotton sweatshirts and trousers with deep pleats and ribbons.

The accessories add a lot to the final look, such as rain hats and catiuscas, “a clear allusion to the marine

universe but seen from a streetwear perspective”, say the Oteyza family.

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