Paris bows down to OTEYZA tailoring


Paris bows to OTEYZA’s tailoring: avant-garde, tradition and craftsmanship of Spanish fashion come to Paris by the hand of OTEYZA.

“While trying to rescue the cape, tights and merino wool, the Spanish tailor triumphs in Paris making avant-garde with his partner, Caterina Pañeda”.

Precious interview to OTEYZA of ESQUIRE.

Paris bows to OTEYZA tailoring

Lumières AW20 collection:

“Lumières” is a tribute to what unites us, to what makes us move forward. A nod to France, to its openness to welcome us, to knowledge, to freedom, to frankness, to truth, to the Castilian Soul.

In his debut in Paris, OTEYZA is nourished by all inner speech from the frankness and poise of its lines, to the pulse and gravity of its textures and colors, thus making an exercise of continuous progression in the vision of the new paradigm of men’s fashion.

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