25 gramos: Paul García de Oteyza brings Spanish tradition to Paris Fashion Week

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Paul García de Oteyza together with Caterina Pañeda dress (once again) the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Paris with shapes and colors that are inspired by the air, movement and the perfect balance between sportswear and haute couture.


Inspired by the art of Raoul Dufy -and therefore his love for the Mediterranean- in the collection earth colors predominate, but with high contrasts with navy blue, black, white, a refined use of stripes and a touch of pure energy with a radiant violet.



The brand incorporates very Spanish elements with a modernization of them: skirts, three-quarter pants and the weathered look with which Oteyza surprises us every season, this time being much less voluminous and focusing on movement.



We were able to enjoy a catwalk full of freshness: designer clothes together with a performance in which Paul interacted with the models, making us all participants in a dynamic work with a very unique but well-known voice. A fad that is anything but fleeting.


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