Thanks to over thirty years of experience, our shirts are entirely handcrafted with the best possible quality. The art of fabric cutting requires exacting skill, accurately interpreting your measurements to create a perfect pattern. A custom pattern is created for each customer to a posterior cut and shape of the piece by hand. Moreover, the techniques we use guarantee the garment’s durability, quality, and perfect finish.
  • Masculine haberdashery
  • Femenine haberdashery
In order to create a completely bespoke shirt, we only need to take a handful more measurements in a single bespoke fitting. Based on this process, the haberdasher produces a pattern uniquely designed for a perfect fit. There is a large variety of models, constanly incorporating new patterns.
We hand-cut and hand-stitch the collars of all of our shirts, thus allowing the customer to modify the blade, collar stand, or whatever is needed, or even describe a particular collar for which there is no model. In addition, we are continually looking for new types of collars so as to offer a myriad of both classic and up-to-date options.

Loyal to our principles of tradition, style, and innovation, we work with the best classic shirting fabrics, which of course include Egyptian cotton. We source over three thousand formal and casual fabrics, most of which are two-ply, in addition to some really unique designs for those who enjoy nice shirts even outside the workplace. Man does not live by bread alone!
Our shirts and shirtdresses for women may be elaborated in an array of lighter and more heavyweight fabrics. We have a huge selection of shirting, exclusive silks, and original prints that will give your garment a little twist. Our selection includes a number of models of shirts and blouses, including maternity styles, and as usual, we continually strive to make new patterns. Innovate or perish!
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