Oteyza in GQ!!!

la-región copia Oteyza GQ España


Oteyza selected as one of the best streetstylers in Pitti 91 by GQ España wearing Caco bolero hats and merino wool Galerna suits. Photo by the great @desgensenphoto.

Oteyza in the New York Times!!!

ny timesCaco felt hats; Capas españolas capes and Alzada suit and B-Lapel three pieces all in merino wool; hand embroided tie and handmade tie; custom Giza shirts. All designed by Sastrería Oteyza.

Ready for Pitti Uomo 91!!!

Cat Pitti 90 Sastrería Oteyza

Sastrería Oteyza getting ready for a new edition of Pitti Uomo…Pitti 91 here we go!!!

ThE HaPPy MonDayS…MeRRy ChRisTmaS!!!

Merry Christmas Sastrería OteyzaTribute to the shop that gave us birth and the customers that trusted on us…THANKS, THANKS & THANKS!!! Merry Christmas and welcome Sastrería Oteyza!!!

Oteyza in Esquire Magazine!!!

Revista Esquire Sastrería OteyzaSastrería Oteyza during Pitti 90 in a great report with pictures of the magnificent Des Gens en Photo.

…ThE HaPPy MonDayS!!!

Sastrería Oteyza in their flagship store.

Green cape “Capa española”, green hat and green flannel suit “Estampa” by Sastrería Oteyza.

…ThE HaPPy MoNdaYs!!!

sombreros de fieltro


Caco bolero hat, handmade tie, custom shirt with Jazz collar and Galerna Jacket by Sastrería Oteyza.

…ThE HaPPy MoNdAyS!!!

Capa española y vestido camisero Sastrería Oteyza

Sastrería Oteyza wearing our cape “Capa Española” and a shirt dress.

Oteyza in ICON



Sastrería Oteyza in ICON. An great report styled by the great Josie.

…ThE HaPPy MonDaYs!!!


Sastrería Oteyza at our new shop wearing Caco Bolero Hats and Galerna gabardine suits.

…ThE HaPPy MonDaYs!!!

Bailando capas Pitti (9 sa


Sastrería Oteyza dancing their capes “Capas Españolas” at the Alternative set of Pitti Uomo 89. Wearing grey flannel suit “Estampa” model.

…ThE HaPPy MonDaYs!!!

galerna azul sastrería oteyaSastrería Oteyza during Pitti Uomo with our Caco Bolero Hat, Galerna suit and hand embroided tie.

…ThE HaPPy Mondays!

happy mondays galerna sastreria oteyza & vintage

Sastrería Oteyza attending to Pitti Uomo with our Galerna suit and a vintage look.